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SSE’s vision is to be a leading energy company in a net-zero world. As one of the UK and Ireland’s leading generators of renewable energy (SSE Renewables) and one of the largest electricity network companies in the UK (SSEN), sustainability and climate action are at the core of SSE’s business strategy.

In 2022-2023, our energy generation energy mix was 60% non-renewable sources (primarily our gas power stations) and 40% renewables (including onshore and offshore wind, and hydro power). SSE is committed to being operationally net zero by 2050, measuring and reporting on its science-based targets for carbon reduction and aiming to cut 80% of its carbon emissions by 2030.

We develop, own, and operate infrastructure to support the net-zero transition. This includes onshore and offshore wind, hydro power, electricity transmission , and distribution grids, alongside providing energy products and services for businesses.

We are UK-listed in the FTSE100 and will invest £20.5bn by the end of March 2027 (on average over £11m a day) in low-carbon energy and electricity infrastructure in our Net Zero Acceleration Programme Plus.  As part of this investment we expect to allocate approximately 54% into networks, 34% into renewables, and 12% into other businesses, including gas and low-carbon flexible generation technologies.

SSE is providing the practical solutions to help deliver a decarbonised energy system whilst also reducing carbon emissions arising from its own business activities. We have set interim science-based targets for carbon reduction, which are verified by the Science-Based Target Initiative (“SBTi”), a corporate climate action organisation aimed at helping companies worldwide play their part in combating the climate crisis (see SBTi website: About Us - Science Based Targets).

Targets are considered ‘science-based’ if they are in line with what the latest climate science deems necessary to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement – limiting global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

We have a target of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions across our scope 1 emissions (direct emissions that are owned or controlled by the company) and scope 2 emissions by 2040 (indirect emissions that are a consequence of our activities but occur from sources not owned by SSE, and subject to security of supply requirements set by the Government) and for remaining scope 3 emissions by (also indirect emissions).

To find out more about our targets, click on the ‘Performance against science - emissions targets, SSE Annual Report’ dropdown below.

We also have goals to increase our renewable energy output fivefold by 2030, enable low-carbon generation and demand, and champion a fair and just energy transition.

We are a real Living Wage and Living Hours accredited employer and a Fair Tax Mark accredited company, and we employ over 13,000 talented and skilled people across the UK and Ireland.

You can find out more about our strategy here and 2030 goals here.