Working with partners for the benefit of mutually agreed outcomes is an important feature of SSE’s approach and our ability to achieve our sustainable business goals. Achieving sustainable outcomes and creating value for both shareholders and society requires mature relationships between SSE and our stakeholders.

We also benefit from many partnerships, both large and small, where we work with organisations in the pursuit of shared goals. Our key partnerships, memberships and pledges are detailed below, along with our shared objectives which help us contribute to society.

Member since

Shared objective for society

Accounting For Sustainability(A4S)


Inspiring action by finance leaders to drive a fundamental shift towards resilient business models and a sustainable economy



To support the employability and work opportunities for young people not in education, employment or training

Business in the community - Ireland (BITC)


Bringing about a sustainable low-carbon economy and a more inclusive society where everyone thrives

Career Ready


To support young people to get ready for the workplace following education



Increasing energy efficiency, and net zero

Equal Approach


The measurement and embedding of inclusion and supporting inclusive talent



Aiming to make electric vehicles (EVs) ‘the new normal’ by 2030

Fair Tax Mark


Creating a culture of pride and transparency in corporation tax

Future of the Corporation


Being equipped to deal with the challenges of our future and how it can make society better for everyone

Global Wind Energy Council


Promoting a decarbonised energy building powered by clean electricity

Institute of Business Ethics


The achievement of high standards of business behaviour based on ethical values

Living Hours


Reducing in-work poverty

Living Wage


Reducing in-work poverty

PWC Tech She Can


Inspiring and educating young girls and women to get into tech careers and sharing best practice



Promoting a decarbonised energy building powered by clean electricity



Promoting a decarbonised energy building powered by clean electricity

Scottish Renewables


Promoting a decarbonised energy building powered by clean electricity

Social Mobility Pledge


Taking steps to boost opportunity and social mobility

Supply Chain Sustainability School


Helping suppliers and industries address and mitigate sustainability issues

The Elevate Pledge


Focusing on driving greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace

The Low Carbon Pledge


To reach the global carbon reduction targets set in the Paris Agreement and maintain global temperatures at less than 2C below pre-industrial levels

The Skills Accord


To promote investment in training and skills development through procurement practices



The alignment of business strategies and operation with universal principles

Utilities Sector Modern Slavery Working Group


To collaborate with other organisations in the sector to address modern slavery risks

Valuable 500


Act on the structural inequalities against people with disabilities

Wind Energy Ireland


Promoting a decarbonised energy building powered by clean electricity

SSE is a signatory on the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)

SSE is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the largest corporate sustainability initiative promoting responsible business practices. As a signatory, SSE is guided by the Ten Principles of the UNGC, focused on the environment, human rights, labour and anti-corruption, into its approach to business. The performance disclosed within this report outlines our progress against these Principles. The UNGC seeks to catalyse action in support of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from its signatory companies. We align key performance indicators to international non-financial reporting standards and frameworks. This includes individual targets of the UN's SDGs and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework.

Transparent political engagement and advocacy

Political engagement
Regulators, non-departmental public bodies and institutions of government have a key role to play in the sector in which SSE operates, and we are therefore required to engage with them on a regular basis.

We work to the standards set out in SSE’s Group Political and Regulatory Engagement Policy and aim to maintain the highest standards of probity in our engagement with government and regulators. We aim to work in line with relevant best practice and, where applicable, regulation and legislation, and ensure any representations made by us are fair and balanced and represent our position truthfully and honestly.

SSE remains politically neutral and does not contribute to political parties or political campaigns; and we avoid doing anything that could be construed in any way as solicitation of favour.

SSE’s political engagement policy and procedures are available to all interested parties. We comply with the disclosure requirements of the voluntary EU Transparency Register, established by European Commission to provide transparency around the groups and organisations undertaking activities aimed at influencing the formulation or implementation of EU policy and legislation.

Trade association membership
Trade associations are not-for-profit organisations that act on behalf of industry and support the development of industry standards. One of the key ways in which SSE advocates on policy positions of importance to SSE, and the wider energy industry, is through its membership of Trade Associations. For transparency, SSE’s three most material trade association memberships are outlined below.