Potential Suppliers

SSE is one of the UK's biggest companies with a supply chain value of over £2bn.

With safety, sustainability and responsibility at the heart of all we do, we're keen to establish strong relationships with our suppliers because we know how critical they are to our business.

We want to build and develop our supplier network and welcome any new engagement from suppliers who share our core values. Our simple step approach to working together incorporates the key engagement steps with our Suppliers - Registration, Tender Management & Contract Engagement.

The first step in building a relationship with us, irrespective of which part of SSE you wish to work for, is  to register using our Supplier Registration System which is hosted by Achilles Information Limited. For requirements that are subject to EU Procurement regulations, suppliers will be selected from Achilles UVDB in the United Kingdom or Achilles Supplyline in Republic of Ireland as this ensures your able to work with and support our teams safely and responsibly.


Tender Process

Whilst our primary supplier selection process will utilise Achilles, for requirements that are subject to the EU procurement rules, Tender events will be published via OJEC/OJEU and suppliers will be able to participate directly and the procurement team leading the event will be able to advise and support you in joining the event via Emptoris.

For the second and third key steps  we have introduced the Emptoris system to manage & facilitate our core sourcing process. Emptoris is an online, cloud based solution which enables our procurement teams to create tender events, invite suppliers to participate and manage contract negotiation and award. We will be introducing Emptoris across SSE through the beginning of 2017 and we have provided further information on how to use and access the system in the dedicated section of this page.


SSE encourages its suppliers to become signatories of the Energy and Utility Skills Accord. The Skills Accord is designed to promote and lock-in sustained investment in the technical and operational skills the sector needs most via procurement practices. Signatories gain recognition for their strategic commitment to investing in employee skills development. See http://euskills.co.uk/skills-accord for more details.


PIN - Ride Through Standby Service


PQQ Instructions to Potential Providers EV (DOCX)
RFI Attachment 001 (Glossary of Terms) - FO-PRS-EMP-111 - v1.00 (DOCX)
RFI Attachment 002 (Tender Evaluation Criteria - Regulated) DRAFT (DOCX)
RFI Attachment 003 (Emptoris Guidance) - FO-PRS-EMP-113 - v1.01 (DOCX)
RFI Attachment 004 (Procurement Documents) - FO-PRS-EMP-114 - v1.01 (DOCX)
PQQ Document Draft v1 (XLSX)

RFI - Supply and Install - fibre optical cable into live potable water mains - Multi Site -1020 (XLSX)

PQQ - Mobile Crane Hire & Lease (XLSX)

Group Mobile Connectivity Services (DOCX)

01 11 x CMZ (North) Service - Attachment 001 - Glossary of Terms (PDF)
02 11 x CMZ (North) Service - Attachment 002 - Evaluation Criteria (PDF)
03 11 x CMZ (North) Service - Attachment 003 - Emptoris Guidance (PDF)
04 11 x CMZ (North) Service - Attachment 004 - Procurement Documents (PDF)
05 11 x CMZ (North) Service - Attachment 005 - CMZ Scope of Services (PDF) 
06 11 x CMZ (North) Service - CMZ Maps and Postcodes (XLSX)

FW - Services - Water Supply England/Scotland - Mult Site 1225 (DOCX)

Geotechnical Framework PQQ - Procurement Documents (DOCX)
Geotechnical PQQ (XLSX)

OO Supply & Install – WTG’s Yellow River & Tangy WF - 0224  - PQQ (Excel)
OO Supply & Install – WTG’s Yellow River & Tangy WF - 0224  - Procurement Documents (PDF)

PQQ  Notice - Provision of Mechanical Maintenance Services Gt Island (XLSX)
Procurement Documents - Provision of Mechanical Maintenence Services Gt Island (PDF)
RFI Evaluation Criteria - Provision of Mechanical Maintenance Services Gt Island (PDF)
RFI Glossary of Terms - Provision of Mechanical Maintenance Services Gt Island (PDF)

FW-Services-Ground Investigation Group-Multi Site 0423 (XLS)

Arklow Floating Lidar Requirement 0320 (PDF)

Water Supply - England

Lerwick Battery Energy Storage System Contract Notice
Lerwick Battery Energy Storage System PQQ Information Pack (Word Doc)
Lerwick Battery Energy Storage System PQQ Questionnaire (Excel)
Lerwick Battery Energy Storage System Questions & Answers (Excel)

Supply of Aggregate Materials PQQ (Excel)

Removal of Spoil and Tipping Services PQQ (Excel)