SSE is focused on enabling, harnessing and deploying new technologies and innovations which can accelerate the journey to net zero and has a devolved model that empowers its businesses to be accountable for their own innovation strategies. Each SSE business sets its own innovation priorities; whilst Group services co-ordinate cross-cutting innovation and growth areas. An open innovation ecosystem supports the SSE business to achieve their innovation priorities which are harnessed through four enabling pillars: Partnering for Innovation; Learning by Doing; Digitalisation; and, Talent.

Check out some examples of our innovation in action below.

Partnering for Innovation

SSE seeks to proactively engage with external partners including its peers, local authorities, supply chain, academia and wider industry and has built significant expertise and capability in forming effective consortia. Co-creation with energy industry peers is crucial to facilitate whole system solutions and SSE is a member of 32 ongoing Collaborative Innovation Partnerships.

Learning by Doing

SSE’s aim is to accelerate technologies to higher readiness levels for deployment, learn from other utilities and industries and mitigate the risks of implementation of new technologies. SSE is a founding member of two National Demonstration Research Centres and leading industry projects such as Project LEO and Electricity Transmission Collaboration Panel, through which the businesses are able to manage trials to test and scale new solutions.


SSE promotes a culture empowering employees to drive innovation and develop the ability to make decisions in uncertainty. SSE’s talent strategy focuses on inclusivity, fairness and flexibility to actively engage a diverse range of talent in the market, as well as developing future leader learning for all and the capability to respond to the future needs of the business.


Investment in and adoption of digital is fundamental to achieving successful development, efficient operation and responsible ownership of energy infrastructure. SSE invests in and adopts a range of digital solutions, including drones, AI and Digital Twins.