From Principles to Action

Measuring progress from action to accountability

This report follows from the publication of SSE’s Just Transition Strategy in November 2020. Following continuous engagement with a wide range of stakeholders, SSE sets out to demonstrate the impact its 20 principles have had across its business activities, which specifically aim to promote a smooth, fair and just transition to net zero by disclosing progress against its Strategy read the report here.

Change of the scale and nature needed to achieve net zero brings social consequences, impacting people – employees, consumers, communities, suppliers, and wider society – in many different ways.

This can include both positive and negative impacts, for example: the loss of high-carbon jobs; the creation of new low-carbon jobs; access and use of new technologies; economic opportunities from new investments; and impacts on household energy bills.

Companies like SSE have a responsibility to influence those impacts as we transition out of high-carbon activities and transition into a net zero world: minimising potential negative impacts while at the same time seizing the opportunities to increase value and share economic prosperity. A just transition to net zero helps ensure that the actions and investments required to decarbonise energy systems attract long-term public and social legitimacy.

In November 2020, SSE became the first company to publish a Just Transition Strategy. A framework of 20 principles is outlined in the Strategy, helping to guide our decision-making and influence greater fairness for those impacted by the decline of high-carbon economic activity and increase the opportunities of climate action.

Following on from the publication of this Strategy, in September 2021 we published a new report focused on moving from principles to action. This report outlines 20 commitments from SSE, 10 recommendations for industry and 10 recommendations for government to support workers transition from high to low-carbon careers. Read our second report here.

A table showing a list of SSE's 20 principles for a Just Transition from their Just Transition Strategy - see more in the Just Transition video.
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A collaborative approach

A just and fair transition to net zero can only be achieved through a collaborative approach. SSE’s Strategy and its commitments and recommendations within this report are the result of the robust relationships it has with its stakeholders, including numerous industry, education and skills bodies. Ongoing engagement, consultation and collaboration with these partners, and others is critical in developing plans and strategies.

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