SSE's vision is to be a leading energy company in a net zero world​.

To achieve this, our strategy is to create value for shareholders and society from developing, building, operating and investing in the electricity infrastructure and businesses needed in the transition to net zero. We have an ambitious £12.5bn capital investment plan to accelerate progress towards net zero over the five years up to 2026, the majority of which will go to low-carbon infrastructure. Sustainability is one of SSE’s core values, defined as ‘we do things responsibly to add long-term value’. We’re committed to being operationally net zero by 2050 and have set four 2030 business goals aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Ensuring a fair and Just Transition to net zero

A Just Transition to net zero will mean that the actions and investments required to decarbonise energy systems attract long-term public support and legitimacy. Transitioning to a net zero world means new industries being created, with opportunities for both the existing workforce and new entrants. These jobs in the transition to a low-carbon economy must provide adequate incomes and social protection, safe working conditions and the opportunity for progression. Factors such as how the transition is paid for, who benefits and how communities and supply chains are considered when developing new green assets which will deliver net zero while transitioning out of high-carbon activities are equally important. We were the first company to produce a Just Transition Strategy, which outlines our 20 principles for a Just Transition. Following on from SSE’s Just Transition Strategy, in September 2021 SSE published a new report focused on moving from principles to action in order to support workers transition from high to low-carbon careers. The report outlines 20 commitments from SSE, 10 recommendations for industry and 10 recommendations for government.

Read our latest Sustainability Report​

Our annual Sustainability Report discloses information on the most material economic, social and environmental impacts of SSE's business activities.

Designed to be the sister document to the Annual Report, it demonstrates the way we create value for shareholders and society in a sustainable way.

The report includes information on key initiatives, including: increased governance around sustainability; the quantification of the financial impact of some of our key climate risks and opportunities; and our commitment to become one of the first organisations to gain the new Living Hours accreditation in the UK.​

Aligning SSE's 2030 Goals to the SDGs

The UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework is the global blueprint for a sustainable future. Since 2019, we have aligned our business strategy to the SDGs most material to our business. We believe this approach is good for our business and for society. It enables SSE to find profitable solutions to some of society’s greatest challenges. Check out the ‘Targets, performance and reporting’ page for more details.

Amongst other initiatives, at SSE we are proud supporters of the UN Global Compact, the Fair Tax Mark, the science-based targets intiative, the living wage and living hours.

To read about our partnerships see the partnerships page, and for our ESG ratings performance see the ‘Targets, performance and reporting’ page.

SSE encourages and welcomes feedback on its sustainability strategy, priorities and performance.
Please email with any comments.