We know that the way we do things has an impact on people, whether its energy customers, those who work for us or those who live in the communities that we operate in. In recognition that SSE has a deeply interconnected relationship with the society it relies on to operate and make a profit, we aim to conduct our business in a way that contributes positively and shares value. This means creating a fair and inclusive place to work and giving back to our local communities.

You can read more about SSE’s 2030 Goals here.

Fairness at work

SSE has been a proud real Living Wage accredited employer since 2013, meaning our employees, and those working regularly on our behalf, earn an hourly rate that exceeds the national living wage.

SSE has been rolling out the real Living Wage across its supply chain since 2014 through the inclusion of a Living Wage Clause in all relevant contracts. In 2017, we extended the clause to go beyond the requirements of the Living Wage Foundation. SSE has committed to championing the real Living Wage through its 2030 Goals.


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