Thousands of shareholders receive several copies of the annual report and dividend documentation who could merge their shareholdings.

If you receive more than one copy of these documents you could help SSE reduce its impact on the environment and save paper by completing a Shareholder Merger request. Please contact Computershare for further details.

You may, of course, have a good reason for requiring separate share accounts. However, when you buy more shares you may unintentionally end up with multiple accounts, due to slight differences in your name or address details on each share account. As a result, you will receive two (or more) copies of the annual report and dividend mailings.

Please note: Only holdings where there are minor differences in the name or address can be merged. It is not possible to merge holdings in different names or with different designations, or those held through CREST. For example, you cannot use the form to merge joint holdings with individual holdings or vice versa.