Who are SSE Energy Markets?

SSE Energy Markets is the commercial energy market subsidiary of SSE plc, trading commodities and securing value for SSE's asset portfolios in wholesale energy markets. SSE Energy Markets ensures we have the energy supplies required to meet the needs of customers; procuring fuel for our generation plants and selling the power from our wind farms, hydro and low-carbon thermal assets.

SSE's Electricity Trading Committment

In 2014 Ofgem introduced Special Licence Condition AA (“Secure and Promote”) to the generation licence. Secure and Promote aims to make it easier for small electricity suppliers to access the GB wholesale electricity market and improve market liquidity and SSE has made the full Secure and Promote product range available to Eligible Suppliers. SSE is also committed to bringing a fair and transparent approach to credit risk management and will endeavour to offer credit terms and collateral arrangements that are both clear and proportionate. If you are a small supplier who meets the eligibility criteria and would like to benefit from a trading relationship with SSE, please contact Laura McIntyre at [email protected].


We publish information about power plant outages to provide greater market transparency. This is in line with the expected requirements of the new EU Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT).