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A reassuring voice for customers

10 Apr 2020

The Customer Contact Centre workers with our SSEN business are the first point of contact for customers reporting a power cut.

They are vital in keeping large swathes of the UK population informed and in-touch with how we are keeping their power supply flowing during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Kayleigh Menmuir is part of the team at our centre in the North of Scotland.

With many people working from home, self-isolating or simply spending more time in their house, it is vital our customers, some of the whom are vulnerable, feel they have a point of contact – which they have through the 105 phone number.

It’s someone like Kayleigh who is their first point of contact. She’ll take their details and information about the problem before the work is passed onto the Fault Despatch Team, who can get to work fixing any issues.

She’ll also be alerted to if the caller has any further issues through SSEN’s Priority Services Register.

She explains: “Our Priority Services Register is such an important part of what we do, as it provides free help and support to customers who need it most if their power is off.  As soon as I enter the customer’s address it tells me if there is someone already signed up to the register, and this alerts me that their situation may be more serious when they’ve not got any electricity, for example they may have a young baby in the house with them or they may need electricity for home medical equipment.

“Covid-19 has made a huge difference in our lives, as everyone is doing their bit to keep not only themselves, but also their friends, family and loved ones safe. We normally all work together in the Customer Contact Centre, but to prevent as many key staff as possible coming into contact with each other, we’ve now split into two teams; I’m still in the Customer Contact Centre and the other group is currently working in a different part of our site. Also, with anyone who can work at home now doing just that, what’s normally an office that’s really busy and full of colleagues helping customers on the phone, is now a lot quieter, which is quite strange.

“I enjoy speaking with customers and I enjoy being able to help other people,  and so in this job it’s a great feeling knowing that I’m part of a bigger team that’s doing its best to keep the lights on for all our customers.