The Board’s role is to promote the long-term success of SSE; through the setting of a clear purpose and sustainable strategy which creates value for both shareholders and society.

SSE's team of over 10,000 employees is led by the main Board of Directors and the Group Executive Committee.

The Board’s Inclusion and Diversity Policy forms part of SSE’s Group-wide inclusion and diversity strategy, which is founded on the belief that greater diversity brings broader debate, which leads to better decisions and in turn better business delivery.

The objective of the Board-level policy is to ensure that Board membership remains appropriately balanced and relevant to SSE’s purpose, strategy and values; and in line with this, sets out measures that the Nomination Committee and Board will take in order to achieve this. This includes ensuring appointments and succession plans at Board and senior leadership level, support and embrace difference and nurture an inclusive Board culture. In this context, diversity encompasses gender and BAME ambitions, but also extends further to differing experience, background and thinking styles. In March 2021, the Board agreed to create a formal ambition in support of increasing ethnic diversity within its membership. This is currently in line with the Parker Review and looks to ensure that at least one Director represents an ethnic minority background.

At present the gender balance of Board membership is 50% female and 50% male. To support the ultimate goal of a Board that is generally gender-balanced over time, a supplementary ambition was agreed by the Board in 2019 for at least 33% female membership to be maintained over a three-year rolling period. Progress against this target is recognised to be sensitive to both the size and composition of the Board, and as at 31 March 2021 was 29.9% (28.5% as at 31 March 2020).

Roles of Chair, Chief Executive, Senior Independent Director and Designated Non-Executive Director for Employee Engagement