Corporate framework

We are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance.

The successful execution of our strategy and oversight of delivery are supported by sound systems, at the centre of which is an established Governance Framework that defines relevant decision-making authorities and responsibilities.

Formally, these authorities and responsibilities are documented within: SSE’s Articles of Association; the Schedule of Matters Reserved for the Board; the terms of reference for the Committees which comprise SSE’s Governance Framework; individual role profiles and the financial approvals framework. Together, they reinforce the cultural expectations regarding accountability at the different levels within the organisation.

To ensure that all decision making is well-informed, transparent and balanced, careful consideration is given to information provision and flows within the Governance Framework. This approach further supports each Director in the discharge of their responsibilities and applicable legal duties. The effective working relationship between the Board and senior management facilitates both support and challenge where required, with Board awareness enhanced through regular dialogue, including upwards reporting from key individuals, and the provision of minutes from all Board Committee and Group Executive Committee meetings.