SSEN Transmission’s first priority is to provide a safe and reliable supply of electricity to the communities it serves. It does this by making sure its employees and contractors work safely while ensuring the network is able to function properly and meet electricity demand now and in the future.

SSEN Transmission also plays a critical role in the transition to a low carbon future, developing, building, maintaining and operating a network for net zero. 

Vital to net zero ambitions it transports huge quantities of clean, green renewable power over a quarter of the UK land mass across some of its most challenging terrain.

With the region home some of the UK’s greatest resources of renewable power the business has a critical role to play in the transition to a low carbon future, connecting up more renewable energy and transporting it across the country.

From the deep waters of the North Sea to high mountains of the Highlands, the power from onshore and offshore wind-farms, hydro power stations and other generation assets is moved across a vast network of underground and sub-sea cables, overhead-lines, wooden poles and steel towers  to millions across the UK.

This system supports both the UK and Scottish Governments' net zero emissions targets whilst meeting the needs and expectations of stakeholders.

As the way we live our lives changes billions of pounds in investment will be required to meet energy demands now and in the future. Through a fair, balanced and considered investment programme SSEN Transmission is committed to improving network reliability and enabling the transition to net zero, at an affordable cost to consumers, whilst also providing a fair return to investors.

For more information visit the Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks Transmission website