A career for a low-carbon future

SSE Renewables trainee engineer Catriona Kilgour is making her first forays into her career in the energy industry – at arguably its most exciting moment.

With renewables set to play the starring role in the UK becoming carbon neutral, it’s a sector that’s buzzing with opportunity.

Once her training is complete, Catriona will qualify as an Electrical Engineer at the Griffin Onshore Wind Farm, located to the south of Aberfeldy in Perthshire, giving her an unique insight.

With SSE investing £7m a day over the next decade to help decarbonise the UK and Ireland, she’ll play a significant role in the quest for the low carbon world of tomorrow.

With the demand for clean, cheap, reliable and homegrown energy higher than ever, it has never been more important to build upon our green army, which is why we're creating 1,000 jobs every year.

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