Our core focus is economically regulated electricity networks and renewables. Complemented by businesses with a key role to play in enabling the net zero transition.

SSE Renewables

From onshore and offshore wind to hydroelectric power, SSE Renewables develops, operates and owns the low-carbon infrastructure which will support the net-zero transition.

For more information visit the SSE Renewables website.

SSEN Distribution

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks powers 4 million homes and businesses across the north of Scotland and central southern England. It’s at the heart of developing the flexible distribution network needed for a low-carbon world.

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SSEN Transmission

SSEN transmission owns the high voltage electricity transmission network across the north of Scotland, including the Scottish islands. Transporting gigawatts of clean, green renewable power from where is generated to where it is needed - to homes and businesses in villages, towns and cities across the north of Scotland and beyond.

For more information visit the SSEN Transmission website.

SSE Thermal

Our flexible thermal generation will support the net zero transition with efficient gas power, energy-from-waste and storage activities. It has a core focus on decarbonising its energy generation through emerging carbon capture and hydrogen technology.

For more information visit the SSE Thermal website.

SSE Energy Solutions

Business energy supply:
SSE Energy Solutions provides gas and electricity for businesses big and small across the UK, currently supplying around 500,000 metering points. Offering a wide range of fixed-price and flexible energy plans, and all fixed contracts include 100% renewable electricity as standard.

Distributed energy infrastructure:
SSE Energy Solutions are helping the UK accelerate to net zero with Whole System Thinking. That means creating a more resilient and sustainable energy system by investing in, building and connecting localised flexible infrastructure to drive the long-term performance of your energy assets.

For more information visit the SSE Energy Solutions website.

SSE Airtricity

Through the SSE Airtricity brand, we supply green electricity, natural gas and energy-related services to around 750,000 homes and businesses in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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Energy Portfolio Management

Through Energy Portfolio Management SSE’s markets business trades commodities for each business unit – ensuring SSE has the energy supplies it requires to meet the needs of customers; procuring the fuel required by the generation plants and selling the power output from our windfarm, hydro and thermal assets.