SSE is a UK-listed company with a clear focus on providing energy in the UK and Ireland. Our capital expenditure supports thousands of jobs and businesses in the UK and Ireland and delivers a substantial contribution to these economies each year. We are committed to acting in the public interest to maximise the social and economic benefits from our operations. We do this through providing reliable and sustainable energy, investing in infrastructure, contributing to inclusive economic growth and good jobs, and paying our fair share of tax.

You can read more about SSE’s 2030 Goals here.

Paying Our Fair Share

While we were the only FTSE100 company to achieve accreditation for five years, we are delighted to now be joined by more. We continue to be committed to the principles of the Fair Tax Mark– an independent accreditation for businesses that proactively demonstrate they pay the right amount of tax, in the right place at the right time - as we believe it to be a cornerstone of our relationship with consumers and communities across the countries we operate in and we believe there has never been a better time for more companies to join the movement. We have published our fifth annual Talking Tax booklet which aims to make our tax affairs more clear and transparent, and is designed to be accessible to non-tax specialists.


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