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2022 Annual Report published

17 Jun 2022

We have today published our 2022 Annual Report outlining the Group’s progress against its strategic aim of creating value for shareholders and society.

SSE recently announced investment in the UK and Ireland’s electricity infrastructure system could total in excess of £25bn this decade, as part of its Net Zero Acceleration Programme (‘NZAP’).

The plans will enable the delivery of more sustainable homegrown energy by reducing reliance on imported gas and helping keep costs down for consumers in the future.

SSE is proud of its ESG commitments and this year announced an upweighting of its interim 2030 business goals, which are aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. This revision is to keep pace with the bolder ambitions set out in the Net Zero Acceleration Programme. The goals will see the Company cut carbon intensity by 80%; increase renewable energy output fivefold; enable low-carbon generation and demand; and champion a fair and just energy transition on the journey to net zero.

As well as Group Risk Report, we have also published a separate Sustainability Report containing details of the impact we make on society, and our Net Zero Transition Report, which summarises the progress against this plan towards SSE’s net zero targets.