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The green revolution

17 May 2021

During the Industrial Revolution, the UK led the world in developing new technologies, as well as bringing jobs and prosperity to our shores. Countries around the globe watched this progress and wanted to be part of it.

A couple of hundred years later we are leading the world again, this time in a green industrial revolution.

Thanks to UK government support, British businesses are ensuring we are a world leader in clean technologies like hydrogen and offshore wind. These technologies will not only change the way we power people’s homes but they will also give us new green energy sources that will in turn fuel new businesses and create jobs in our industrial heartlands. And as the world moves towards net zero emissions, there will be opportunities for innovative UK industries to grow their knowledge and to export it.

"Just as we led one revolution, we are at the forefront of another."

Through our recent landmark North Sea Transition Deal, we have become the first G7 country to launch an ambitious partnership that will help the oil and gas industry’s transition to green energy and support a myriad of high-quality jobs. Our Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy also sets out a bold new vision for building a competitive, greener future for the manufacturing and construction sector.

This year we are hosting the UN climate summit, COP26, in Glasgow, where we will bring world leaders together to agree on action to tackle climate change.

With a wish to support our friends in developing countries to build their growth on a green energy future, we will showcase all we have done and are doing now. We hope that we will inspire other countries in this new, green revolution – to build back greener, to become resilient to climate shocks and move away from fossil fuels to clean energy.

Just as we led one revolution, we are at the forefront of another.

This article was originally published in The Times and The Sunday Times.